About Me



Hi! I am Mitra


Welcome to my Wellness journey

Food is not just for savoring! I treat food as a life source.

My mind clearly sees food as building blocks served on the table — Carbs, Proteins, Fats, and Micro nutrients. Thus, every time I’m offered ice creams or cakes, it’s just a piece of fat, I say.

Life is not that hard being a “Choosy Diet follower”, because Good Health is always about self-love; I suggest you never bargain on it.

Indians claim themselves to be foodies, we are right!  So am I.
I love exploring food. But, here’s the problem — when we say food,” it’s just an idea of savoring and relishing.”

Is food really for savoring and satisfying the monster within? 
Or is it something to nourish your body and mind?
We need food to operate — every organ, every cell needs to operate as effectively as it can. So, why treat your body as “Trash Can” by dumping whatever possible.

I feel devastated by looking at people’s consumption habits — enormous expenditure on garbage-food in the market; diseases; sufferings; survival on medication instead of nourishment; lack of self-love, willpower, and lack of understanding.

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